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Jupiter Stone is Josh and Steven Stewart w/ Tyler Yeomans & Keith Yap

The History of Jupiter Stone

Jupiter Stone began as collaboration between brothers, Josh and Steven Stewart, in the summer of 2007. The next few years were formative, with the lineup changing almost annually. Those years were also spent digging through record stores, building a strong multi-genre foundation which provided direction for their debut album, released in 2011. Recorded with Andy Kunkel on a pure spec deal, it was the first large collection of original songs for them with little in the way of production. During the time they were playing out the album, they became increasingly engrossed with covering some of the foundation building artists that inspired them.

They have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with the likes of Leogun, Jimmy D. Taylor, Full Devil Jacket, Trash the Brand, One Less Reason, Roses Unread, Made in Waves (formerly Ghost In The Machine), Prosevere, and many others from the West Tennessee area.

In addition, they have frequented some of the best music venues in the Southern United States over the past few years, including playing Red Gorilla Fest (2013) in Austin, Texas.
Jupiter Stone will be returning to the stage with a full band in April, 2014, after a six month hiatus spent recording their second album, due to be released in May, 2014.

Jupiter Stone's influences play a major role in writing the material. Although each member's background comes from a different direction, they mesh to form a modern appeal with a familiar resonance. You might say they don't know what time or place they're from and that it seems they don't have a direction, when actually, while blending these times and places; they know their direction quite well.

If there is anything particular they have set out to accomplish, other than being successful, it's to be accepted as a reference piece rather than that of a periodical piece. They hope to bridge the gap between generations by not only reflecting the present but providing a window to music that has been forgotten or overlooked, which to the unfamiliar ear can seem somewhat contradictory and a clashing of styles.

Simply put, there is something for everyone when listening to Jupiter Stone and they hope to charter new territories as time passes by always keeping an open ear to anything new or old, domestic or foreign, and good or bad. Inspiration is everywhere. They are now putting the finishing touches on a new Album "SCHOOLHOUSE SESSIONS" that is due to be release in the summer of 2017


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